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Unique gutter system by Kohút company

The company has undergone dynamic development and owner Milan Kohútt used his deep knowledge, expertise and skills for the benefit of the satisfaction of their clients. Firm has developed and implemented the most advanced technology in the production of coated metal forming the world's top producers of mainly German brand Thyssen Krupp. Roof gutter systems and accessories made ​​from these materials company has supplied not only the domestic market but also exported to the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary. Unique product of the company are gutter systems made of coated metal matte colors, which its own production manage only a few companies in Europe.

Complementary Products of the Company are diverse plumbing products manufactured to meet the most demanding requirements of our individual clients.

General Information about gutter systems

To perfect functionality of each roof undoubtedly belongs gutter system. Function of gutter system is effectively divert rainwater and water from melting snow from the roof and thus prevent the individual layers of roof coating to get wet. Offered gutter systems have many advantages, among them is dominated long life, minimal expansion and high resistance to frost and weathering. If the rainwater should run off without any problems, it is surely necessary to choose the right shape and size of elements.

The easiest and also the most common method of removing water trickling from the roof is roof trough . We offer gutter brackets(trough hook) designed for different attachment methods of gutters as well as other accessories such as a gutter system turning into a barrel, retaining hooks, the transition to waste and so on.

klampiarska výrobaTurn into a barrel is appreciated by all gardeners, who thanks to her ensure replenishment stale rainwater for watering. Move to waste is appreciated by those for whom the leakage of rainwater to the surface of the land is not desirable. Edge of the trough is usually reinforced and padded by ridges or creases. It is very important to pay attention to sufficient cross slope of trough in order to ensure smooth drainage of rainwater towards the draining duct. Gutter troughs are usually part of the whole gutter system, consisting of more inter alia overflow basins and discharge piping. Gutter troughs are linked to overflow basins draining water into the pipe. The connecting line between the gutter trough and pipe are already mentioned overflowbasins(kettles). It is a conical elements which diameter tapers into a diameter of drain pipe and which is being secured to the trough by riveting and then to a draining duct through the so-called upper knee. The drain pipe and troughs dimensions depend mainly on the roof drainage area, its shape, runoff coefficient and yield precipitation. The slope of the trough depends on its location with respect to the roof structure. They are stored with minimum slope of 0.1 to 0.5%.

Per each 30 meters of trough it is required one discharge pipeline(waste pipe). At their interlinking together are used fixed or expansion joints by soldering and riveting with specific values ​​superimposed. Riveted joints are sealed with sealing strip. Gutter troughs are stored in the hooks. After it must be affixed to the rafters by two or three nails or screws. Maximum space between the hooks must not exceed 1 200 mm. Waste pipe removes water from the gutter troughs and roof valleys to ground level. Its cross section can be circular or rectangular. Drains constitute of pieces with an individual length which connect to each by plug-powering the narrow end of the tube into the large end of the next section. This insertion must be at least 50 mm. Drains and sewage pipes are each powered by gutter trough pot. Waste pipe is attached to the construction by sockets, which are placed so that the minimum distance between buildings and waste pipes was 20 mm.

odkvapový systém When designing roof drainage it is also very important proposal of accessory divorce to divert rainwater. This proposal is based on conditional amount of precipitation fallen in certain location, roof pitch and surface properties of the material used. Water from the coverings must be divert in one third of the trough in order to not pour off the roof in case of the large amounts.

Drainage system should be designed so that it can seamlessly divert large amounts of water from melting snow. Since the object and its surroundings must be secured against possible landslides, snow and ice, drainage snow and ice grippers are also part of the drainage system and are placed along the eaves along the entire length of the roof. Simplify maintenance and protection against fouling and blockages provide guidance strainers and networks that are mounted either on the entire length of the roof gutter and drains or only to the drain pot. By instalation of drainage system it is significantly reduced the risk of infiltration of precipitation into the space under the roof. A properly designed and professionally executed roof drainage system ensures easy divert of water from the roof so that it does not adversely affect the function of roof structures and threaten human security in the event of a fall of snow, ice, or trickling water.

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