Heavy roofing

Ceramic roof tile is the most common roofing material in the world, since its unique features haven’t been overcome by any other roof systems .

Ceramic roofing long protects the surface from dirt and settling the invisible aggressors, such as industrial and automotive fumes or acid rains. Unwanted mosses and algae, thanks to special additives have a chance to settle.

Color scheme from the other systems varies in its strength and durability. These colors don’t arise by application or mixture of colors, but they are fired at temperatures over 1100 ° C.

Company such roofing has assembled around Zemplín area in cities and towns like Michalovce, Humenné, Trebišov, Vranov and Sobrance.

Strength of concrete covering is 30% higher than other roofing materials. Strength of the material over time and thanks to tanning rays even increases, thus ensure a high quality, extreme weather resistance, superior mechanical strength, excellent insulation properties and 100 percent wholesomeness.

Heavy roofing assembled by Kohut Company:

Color performance of roofs

Supplied roofing:

  • Blisteel
  • Regamet
  • Rova-sk
  • Ruukki

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