Lightweight roofing

Lightweight roof system is suitable to cover the roofs of houses, new buildings and refurbishment of old roofs, religious buildings or industrial buildings. Thanks to its outstanding physical abilities and appearance similar heavy tiled roofing material is lightweight roofing suitable for all types of roofs with a minimum slope of 14 degrees.

One of the many advantages of the roof system installation is also the possibility for certain types of old roofing such as (asphalt roofing or old standing seam roofing). Another advantage of the roof system is its high variability, especially in the reconstruction of old roofs of houses, thanks to several modifications in which it is produced.

Such roofing can be found throughout area of Zemplín and in the cities such as Michalovce, Humenné, Trebišov, Vranov and Sobrance.

Lightweight roofing system is the result of many years of development of roof coverings with steel core. On the above mentioned basis this material has been developed, which combines the best properties of metals and plastics. Therefore we can guarantee 100% waterproof and resistance to mechanical damage, UV resistant, weatherproof, color stability and, of course, respect for the environment. Lightweight roofing system also meets all requirements for quick and easy installation, which the company is able to ensure in Michalovce, Sobrance, Trebišov, Humenne and Vranov nad Topľou.

Lightweight roofing, which production is carried out on the most modern production technology from semi-finished, finished treated sheets in coil (galvanized sheet metal with the highest quality organic coating) from the largest steel companies in Europe represents the pinnacle of technology solutions, while the basis is well adapted sheet. On the galvanized surface, which is a basic protection, is applied the hot melt plastic layer which extends the life and gives it a spectacular appearance in the desired color.

Lightweight roofing assembled by Kohut Company:

Color performance of roofs

Supplied roofing:

  • Blisteel
  • Regamet
  • Rova-sk
  • Ruukki

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