Repair of old roof

If your roof is no longer reliably tight and thus ceased to play its most important role, it is time to replace it! The most common cause is fatigue, but another reason for the reconstruction of old roof may be for example the building of a new extension. Our company provides a complete refurbishment of old roofs, while we strive to achieve maximum satisfaction of our clients. Of course we also provide expert advice in which we check the status of the original roof and we will try to find the best possible solution for its repairment.

We specialize in the sale and installation of roof coverings, sheets, gutter systems and all related accessories of the highest quality. During the reconstruction of roof we guarantee many effective solutions, while offering superior water resistance and resistance to mechanical damage. Galvanized roof not only ensures its longevity but also its aesthetic appearance. The most widely used is ceramic roofing, but concrete tile is up to 30% stronger, while the influence of the sun's rays increases its strength.

Roofing Company - Kohút is focused on the sale of roofing materials, metals, gutter systems and accessories of superior quality and also provides installation of those products through experienced and long-standing practice. If necessary, we arrange the importation and installation, of course with expert advice .


  • one of the many advantages of the roof system is also the possibility of installation on certain types of old roofing
  • high variability, especially in the reconstruction of old roofs of houses
  • guaranty of 100% waterproof and resistance to mechanical damage
  • galvanized surface extends the life of the roof and adds a spectacular appearance in the desired color
  • ceramic roof tile is the most common roofing material in the world
  • strength of concrete covering is 30% higher than other roofing materials
  • strength of the material over time and with influence of sun-rays even increases
  • long protection of the surface from dirt and settling the invisible aggressors

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