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The company was established in November 1989 by Milan Kohút, plumber with over twenty years experience in the field of roof and plumbing production. The company has undergone dynamic development and owner Milan Kohút has used his knowledge, expertise and skills for the benefit of the satisfaction of their clients.

Roofs from Kohút Company can be seen in many family homes, industrial buildings and stalls of God throughout the whole area of Zemplin. The company is located in its own premises in an area of a former production cooperative Novex. Thanks to the invention and master craftsmanship "knack" of the owner - the company has developed and implemented the most advanced technology in the production of coated metal forming the world's top producers of mainly German brand Thyssen Krupp.

Roof gutter systems and accessories made from these materials company supplies not only on the domestic market but also exports to the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary.

Unique product of a company are gutter systems of coated metal in matte colors, which its own production manage only a few companies in Europe. Complementary products of a company are diverse plumbing products manufactured to meet the most demanding requirements of our individual clients. At their manufacture our employees fulfill creed of a company owner "Building on the wisdom, traditions and skills of our ancestors."

The company is the holder of many patents and is a founding member of the Guild of plumbers of Slovakia and is a leading implementer of roof and gutter systems in our region. All our roof is unique - we are able to provide a draft, guidance and project to a final implementation phase.

Top quality materials, wide range of shades, satisfactory implementation deadlines and reasonable prices are a prerequisite for the high satisfaction of all our clients. If you are looking for a guarantee quality and meeting your individual requirements you have come to the right place.


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